Craven Co. Wine Label

I have to admit, I often choose my wine by the labels – I guess that’s the designer in me (although I know a lot of my friends are guilty of choosing their wine this way as well). I’ve said on multiple occasions that I’d love to have a job requiring me to sit and design wine labels all day long. I’m afraid this perfect job just doesn’t exist, but I like to pretend it does. This is a wine label I conceptualized for an imaginary vineyard in Eastern North Carolina. Surprisingly, North Carolina is home to 90 wineries and those located in the eastern part of the state often specialize in muscadine grapes, grapes that make an almost sickeningly sweet white wine. I also went to high school just down the road from the Mother Vine, the first grape vine introduced to the United States by Sir Walter Raleigh. For more information about North Carolina wines, visit

Craven Co. Wine Company Label